Biggs Museum of American Art

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As part of a series of changes in 2015, the Biggs Museum in Dover, Delaware, commissioned a new sculpture for their entry façade. The result is 1,200 aluminum blackbird silhouettes hanging both outside and inside the building. In the words of artist Erica Loustau, “the building becomes engaged in the artwork.”

The Biggs Museum has been engaged with artwork since 1993, albeit mostly inside its walls. Its founder, Sewell C. Biggs, was a native Delawarean and collector of American decorative and fine arts. A 1937 international trip inspired in him both an appreciation for other cultures and the things that made Delaware unique.

And so he collected, among other things, works of art with Delaware roots. At the Biggs Museum, you can view fine furniture crafted in the early years of the United States by the Janvier family of cabinetmakers in Odessa. Or an astonishing collection of silver objects made in early Delaware. Or an expansive collection of paintings by the illustrators and artists, like Frank Schoonover, who made the region famous for magazine illustrations and other forms of “representational art.”

The flocks of blackbirds familiar to Delawareans inspired Loustau’s construction of the aluminum flock that now greets visitors to the Biggs Museum. You can follow the birds inside to see the artworks that also make our state remarkable.

Visit the Biggs Museum of American Art

Location: 406 Federal St., Dover, DE 19901

Phone: (302) 674-2111

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 9AM-4:30PM, Sunday 1:30-4:30PM.

Admission: $10 adult, $8 seniors, children, students and military free.

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Connections: The Biggs Museum prides itself on its collection of realistic paintings of the Delmarva Peninsula. Take a trip down to South Bethany to see how paintings of the beach compare to the real thing.

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