Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village

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LuLu and the Delaware Moors

Visitors to the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village flock to see LuLu, a friendly, 75-pound miniature pot-bellied pig who you can pet and feed. LuLu is part of the museum’s living collection, which also includes several chickens, and she complements its impressive array of farm equipment, historic buildings, and even a crop-duster biplane.


What you might almost miss when you visit LuLu, though, is that the pigpen is part of a whole complex of buildings representing an 1890s farm. This complex is anchored by the house of the Carney family, built in north Dover in 1893 and moved to the museum in 1980.


William “Mike” Carney was a carpenter and along with his wife Sallie numbered among the Delaware “Moors,” a remarkable network of area families with mixed European, African, and Native American ancestry. The Carneys’ small, tidy house is divided into a few rooms, each with a specific purpose. They entertained in a formal parlor and cooked in an attached kitchen. The Carneys’ granddaughter remembered her grandfather’s house-side garden and her grandmother’s avid quilting and fervent hatred of chickens (though, out of necessity, they kept them anyway).


Today, the Carney house sits at one end of the museum’s collection of original nineteenth-century buildings. This typical nineteenth-century farmhouse was the home of a remarkable family whose story is preserved by the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village.

And when you visit, don’t forget to bring a snack for LuLu.


Visit the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village

Location: 866 North DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19901

Phone: (302) 734-1618

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10AM-3PM

Admission: $6 adult/$3 children (senior, military, and student discounts)

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